Chris Hutchings

Chris Hutchings


These are some of the enterprises I am currently involved with.

If you would like to chat about any of them, just let me know.

10Q Interview logo

10q Interview

10q Interview is a podcast that uses the same 10 questions every episode to have “Insightful chats with interesting people to see what makes them tick”

Chris Hutchings | Sporting Opinion

Sporting Opinion ®

Sporting Opinion is a marketing company specialising in fan/customer engagement and retention within the sports focussed sector.

Chris Hutchings | eOpinion

eOpinion ®

eOpinion is a marketing company specialising in customer engagement and retention within the financial services sector.

Find Out More Info | Chris Hutchings

Find Out More Info

Find out more info is a link in bio tool that uses a good CTA to encourage more clicks.

Chris Hutchings | Hutch Media Group

Hutch Media Group

HMG was founded in 2018 to bring several digital marketing companies under one roof.

All our companies focus on complimenting each other and providing solutions to business challenges mainly in the area of engaging users, audiences, communities, fans and customers.

Chris Hutchings | HeHo Digital

HeHo Digital

HeHo Digital is a growth and creative content marketing consultancy with a focus on SEO.

Social Media

If you would like to get in touch via social media my current preferred channels are Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok but I am trying to be more active across the others and have big plans for YouTube (Go subscribe! 😀)this year so keep your eyes peeled.

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If you want to find out a bit more, you can look here or on one of my social channels, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube are where I’m playing the most at the moment. If you still have questions unanswered, drop me a message.

Writing & Speaking

Have a burning desire for me to share some words with your audience? Get in touch here and we can have a chat about it.


If I can be of any inspiration to people that makes me happy, if you would like to pick my brains whatever it may be about, drop me a line and we’ll go from there.


If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas you would like to discuss, the best thing to do is either hit me up on one of the social channels below or get in touch via my contact page.

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