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Show Notes | Anish Hallan - 10q Interview

In the latest episode of 10q Interview I talk to burnout and mental health expert, the very thought provoking, Anish Hallan.

Mental health and burnout are topics that are getting discussed more and more lately and if either topic is on your mind, whether as someone suffering or someone worried about people they know suffering, it is well worth a listen.

If you are a leader or a manager, even more so, especially if the stats Anish mentioned are correct.

Anish clearly knows what he is talking about and there’s a lot of information and insight included in this one.

With all the incredibly valuable takeaways in this episode, be sure to share it with someone you think would benefit from hearing it.

Go give Anish a follow (Instagram – LinkedIn), say hi and let him know what you thought of the episode.

You can also find his website here and his Youtube channel here.

Enjoy! 😀

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