Ayush Chaturvedi | 10q Interview

In this episode of 10q Interview I talk to indie creator, Ayush Chaturvedi.

Had a few challenges with the audio on this one but I think we’ve got it to a place that’s listenable! It’s worth giving a chance.

It’s a good episode so hopefully, after a few minutes, any flaws become less noticeable and you can get stuck in listening to the interesting things Ayush has to say.

A lot was discussed around his journey from corporate worker to indie hacker, his thoughts on corporate jobs in society, the powerful idea in marketing of transformation and human connection, finding like-minded people online and some great advice around doing more of what makes you happy.

The blog post Ayush and I talked about which I found very powerful can be found here, definitely worth a read.

I enjoyed this one a lot, I’m sure you will to.

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Enjoy! 😀

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