About Me


Following an early career in the world of finance, I retrained in digital marketing in 2008 specialising initially in SEO. My career has grown impressively from building out affiliate sites to working agency side and then later in-house moving to more of a growth focus whilst also maintaining many side hustles along the way.

Side hustles have now become full on entrepreneurship with the launch of Hutch Media Group, Sporting Opinion, eOpinion and others.

I plan to share insights regularly about the journey of growing my business and would encourage you to follow along on Twitter if you are also building a business or have ever thought about doing so. I love the #buildinpublic movement and think it can be a great way to share inspiration and motivation.

Outside Of Work

I’m happily married and have two beautiful daughters who although toddlers at the moment, seem to be growing up at a scary rate of knots and I am already fearful for the teen years!

I live with my family in Gloucestershire, where I try to live a relatively healthy life (Strava – if it is your thing). I am a keen Spurs fan for my sins and am looking forward to travelling again and spamming insta when everything gets back to normal.

Want to talk?

If you would like to have a chat about anything please don’t hesitate to get in touch on one of the social channels below, drop me a message here or via email at hello@chrishutchings.online.