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034 | eOpinion Weekly Round Up 📰

Highlight Reel:

  • When lots to be done – process is key.
  • Inaugural Sunday 7 is live – see it here or sign up to get it in your inbox every Sunday.
  • Always be learning, so many great resources out there.
  • Impostor Syndrome – everyone has it to one degree or another.
  • I’ve been invited on the Ahead in Tech Podcast/YouTube channel.
  • I’ve started a 30 day challenge to improve my social media engagement. Follow on Twitter
  • Started a ‘what’s your biggest win of the week?’ movement to inspire others.
  • Had two invoices paid this week!
  • eOpinion hit 100 followers on Linkedin

Full episode:

Yet another week has flown by. I don’t know if it is pandemic/wfh related, own business vs job-related, or something else but time is flying at the moment.

I can’t decide whether I think this is a good or bad thing.

They say time flies when you are having fun.

I am enjoying things it is true, but I wish I could get a bit more done each day/week.

Starting your own business is quite the experience, you do everything, I’m spinning plates like a world class DJ. 🎧

With only a very small team at the moment, I am part-time graphic designer, copywriter, tech support, accountant, product manager, HR director, marketing and probably several other departments that I’ve missed.

Having so much to think about and time flying by like Lewis Hamilton on the home straight at Silverstone, process is key. 🏎

Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge fan of process, I always felt it stifled creativity and flair a little, but in this instance, it’s hugely important.

I’ve spent a lot of this week continuing to refine processes and find efficiencies. Even simple things like recurring calendar reminders can make a huge difference and free up headspace.

Sunday 7

I mentioned it in the round-up last week and today I’m very chuffed to have put the first eOpinion Sunday 7 live (read here). I’m sure it will evolve over time but as a first stab, I’m pretty happy with it.

For those who missed my thoughts on it last week, the Sunday 7 is going to be a weekly newsletter. We are diversifying our content marketing approach.

It will be highlighting seven of the most interesting survey related stories that were published that week.

Any feedback/thoughts are welcomed.

Always be learning.

There’s never been a better time to be consuming content.

There is so much out there that makes learning and developing yourself relatively easily.

Most Tuesday mornings I tune in to a Marketing Meetup webinar, the guests are always very high calibre and provide great insight.

This week my friend Marisa Thomas was extolling the virtues of talking to your customers a little more regularly and a little better. Don’t always be selling!

Incidentally, this thought process is one of the main reasons I wanted to start eOpinion.

It was a great watch (check it out here) and highlights that a) there is always something new to learn and b) it’s always good to be reminded of things that are obvious and you already know, that get lost in the melee of everyday life.

Impostor Syndrome

I wanted to give a brief nod to this topic too.

It fully deserves a longer post which I will get round to soon but I was reminded of it when chatting to Marisa pre and post her webinar.

I don’t have the answer on how to solve this, some say practice but then the most practised in the world still suffer from it. So 🤷🏻‍♂️.

I was reliably informed by my wife that Robbie Williams used to suffer very badly from it. (she didn’t know if he still does or not) Yep, the same Robbie Williams who performs on stage to 100’s of thousands of people. People who love him and belt out Angels at full voice.

I face my battles with my head often and it’s an ongoing job of talking myself round.

Anyway I’m rambling a bit now, have a read of a Linkedin post Marisa wrote on the topic (here)

Making my debut! 🎙🎥

I’ve mentioned before about one upside of starting eOpinion has been catching up with people I’ve not spoken to for far too long.

One of those people is the great Sanjay Purswani who was on the marketing tech team at Compare the market when I was there.

Sanjay messaged me to see if I wanted to go on his new podcast/youtube channel Ahead in Tech.

Of course, I said yes and we had a provisional chat about it on Thursday. I will update you when I know more.

Have a look here and support him with a follow if you can.

30 Day Challenge

Following the success of #ship30for30, I’ve decided to do some more challenges.

The plan is to tie these into areas of my life where improvement is required and a bit of habit-forming won’t hurt.

I will be writing a dedicated post on this topic next week but in short, the next challenge is revolving around publishing more and being more engaged across Twitter and LinkedIn.

This personal brand won’t grow itself!

Weekly Wins

As part of the aforementioned challenge, I was brainstorming topics and content to publish.

After listening to a Katy Leeson podcast with Stefanie Sword-Williams I thought it was a good idea to instigate a weekly, what’s your biggest win of the week?

It was a bit of a tumbleweed on Linkedin (here) and slightly less tumbleweed on Twitter (here) but I will continue posting the question every Friday.

If it inspires just one person, it’ll be a win.


The wins I focused on this week were the payment of two invoices.

A huge step forward for eOpinion.


eOpinion hit 100 followers on Linkedin (here)

A very small milestone I know in the grand scheme of things but it was an initial goal.

I’ve not really been doing much to promote eOpinion on Linkedin until the last month or so and as a B2B channel I knew that needed to change.

Next stop 1000!

The End!

I hope this post has been an interesting read, please feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback. You can get in touch here or give me a follow on Twitter / Linkedin.

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