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003 | And lift off! 🚀

Today is launch day.

5 years ago, over lunch, a throwaway comment was made about surveys, ‘They’re dull and ineffective, the process hasn’t ever really changed.’ Encouragement and nods of agreement were made round the table from people probably not really paying attention.

However dear reader, I have many ideas, every single day! Most of which I believe could become successful businesses.

The process is generally the same for each one:

  1. Have idea 💡
  2. Buy domain name 🛒
  3. Register social handles 📱
  4. Think about it some more 🤔
  5. Lose passion ❤️
  6. Leave domain name in Namecheap renewing each year, just in case! 💰

This idea was different. It niggled at me constantly. Every time I opened my inbox I saw a brand sending me another survey, ‘could we please have just 15 mins of your time?’

Who has 15 mins to fill out a survey??

With my basic WordPress knowledge, a skeleton site was built and a new side hustle called eOpinion was born!

Gradually over the following 5 years, I introduced Speedy Polls ®, tinkered a lot, changed the name of the business and started growing the all important panel of people willing to share their views.

I never expected I’d be writing this but thankfully step 5 didn’t occur and I stuck with it. I feel incredibly fortunate that what was merely an idea and a side hustle is now able to support my family as my main hustle.

Starting a business is hard. I will share the journey, results, lessons, ideas, knowledge and failures as inspiration and support for those doing or wanting to do the same thing. More tomorrow!

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