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037 | Build in public Goals & Target Audience πŸ₯…

For those of you following the eOpinion #buildinpublic journey, buckle up, things are about to improve drastically! πŸš€

I’m taking part in the #30DaysInPublic challenge organised by Kevon Cheung.

Challenge 1: Define your goal and your audience.

Welcome to my first ever thread!

Q1: What’s the goal?

My main goal is to become a better ‘builder in public’. I’m not that happy with my previous approach.

I’d like to improve the clarity in my messaging, update consistently, address real-world business issues and most importantly, inspire others.

Inspiration is important to me, when I talk about starting my own business I often hear how it’s brave or something they couldn’t do.

I’m not saying anyone can do it or I’m a Musk or a Bezos but if I can show some positivity and inspiration to just one person I’ll consider that a goal achieved and be proud of that!

Q2: Who is your target audience?

I have two main targets.

1) People who work in Digital PR. I’d like to introduce myself and eOpinion and bring them on the journey. It would be great to start some conversations, make some friends and learn how I can make eOpinion better.

2) Those who are aspiring or existing side hustlers or small business owners.

Remember the goal, I want to inspire!

Being transparent and detailed, hopefully, I can share some advice, knowledge, wisdom and ideas.

Even explain some of the many mistakes so others can hopefully avoid them!

Q3: Where are your audience?

I think most of my audience will be hanging out on Twitter (hopefully reading this!) and a bit but to a lesser extent, Linkedin.

Here’s my profile if you are interested >

They are a wise bunch and will also be consumers of niche related content such as podcasts/YouTube vids. My long-awaited debut on @aheadintech is coming soon!

Contact my agent for enquiries! πŸ˜‰

From the business building side, they’ll also be looking at the likes of Reddit and Indiehackers.

Time is precious, so to begin with, I’ll be focusing my time on Twitter 80% and LinkedIn 20%

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

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