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016 | eOpinion Weekly Progress Report πŸ“ˆ

Last week you’ll have seen the first weekly progress report of eOpinion. In case you missed it and want to catch up you can read it here. I also wrote a brief post outlining my thought process behind publishing these weekly reports which you can find here.

I’d assumed week two was going to be a bit of a come down following going public the week before but as it turned out, engagement didn’t drop quite as much as I thought which was a very pleasant surprise.

No confirmed sales post launch yet but I feel like it is only a matter of time.

The numbers:

Panel sign-ups – This week saw a delightful +256 (previous week: +383) added to the panel. Not as big as last week unsurprisingly but not bad. The to-do list has plans to start growing this number a little more aggressively looking at the introduction of some viral loops, competitions and some general UX improvements. All ideas welcomed!

Press Release sign-ups – As last week, still not really pushing this but another 5 journalists added compared to the 11 last week.

Digital PR data sets sign-ups – Another 5 PR’s (Prev: 5) signed up organically again this week.

Digital PR data sets sales – 0 (No change this week – No data for sale yet, product will go fully live in the next week or two)

Daily eOpinion Sponsorship – Another couple of enquiries adding to the 6 from last week. Conversations are ongoing but we are having an internal debate about the impact of monetising the Daily eOpinion and what the panel will think. Is it too early? Will there be a backlash? Is it just expected? Is it actually worth it? I think an initial test will be worth doing. We’ll push out to a small proportion to begin with and look at the response.

Another batch of chats around the Speedy Poll Solutions product line up this week. Almost as many as last week which is great but not getting too carried away as some people probably heard about it later or could only fit in a chat this week. Still, I’m definitely not complaining.

In the interests of full transparency, the sales mentioned last week were agreed verbally but not in writing and it’s led me to rethink how I report these numbers to you. As we all know, until the money is in the bank or at least an invoice has been sent, nothing is 100%. Going forward I shall only note as a sale once fully engaged.

As an fyi, I am also considering how best to start tracking and reporting revenue. TBC.

I also mentioned last week about freebies and trials. I’m still working this through but after a couple of conversations this week, I am revising how we are going about this. Some people devalue something that is free so although still an option, I’m communicating it differently. Will probably write a blog post on this in the near future.

Digital PR: Enquiries – 2 (previous: 3), comp/sales – 1 (1).

Team: Enquiries – 2 (1), comp/sales – 1 (1).

CX: Enquiries – 2 (5), comp/sales – 1 (3).

Brand: Enquiries – 2 (2), comp/sales – 1 (1).

Product: Enquiries – 1 (1), comp/sales – 1 (0).

Project Phil: Enquiries – (0), comp/sales – (0). (If you know any charities/not for profits that could benefit from a Speedy Poll Solution, feel free to point them in my direction)

On the whole another pleasing week but under no illusion that we need to turn some of these chats and comps in to sales.

As a side-note, The Marketing Meetup ran a webinar with a chap called David Hieatt, very interesting guy and it’s well worth a watch. (here) I promptly went out and bought one of his books (here) and in it was a concept about M&M. (details here) I loved it, it is a very good way to keep focus on the day to day stuff you need to do but not forget about the stuff you need to throw in to the mix to grow. I’m currently down a rabbit hole reading and consuming a lot of what he’s produced. He’s been added to the dream mentor list!

Hope this insight is somewhat helpful, please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback. You can get in touch here.

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