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011 | Give A Little Love ❤️

The most surprising learning since I went public with eOpinion last Monday is how much a like, a message or a share warms my heart.

I’m not sure why I am surprised. I’ve worked in marketing a long time and the relationship between endorphins and social media is pretty well documented.

It’s changed my whole perception on how I interact in the world of social media.

Prior to last week I was probably more in the lurker camp than the proactive engager camp. I consume a lot of social media content but rarely did I do anything other than consume and scroll on to the next post.

I’m a praise machine! 🙏🏼 👍🏼 👊🏼

I’m a new man, dishing out virtual high fives, thumbs-ups and fist bumps more often wherever possible.

Don’t get me wrong there is still an awful lot of rubbish out there but if I like something, even just a little bit, I let them know I liked it.

I appreciate how hard people are working to pump out posts on social. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a brand or a small business, getting it right is a tough gig.

We are all facing our own battles whether it’s being a solo entrepreneur doing all the jobs, someone senior riddled with impostor syndrome but being asked to build their personal brand or a social media manager chasing unrealistic KPI’s at a big brand.

My challenge next time you are on social media is to think of the person behind the post.

If it provided the tiniest scrap of value, the slightest of chuckles or a brief slice of escapism, hit that like or share button.

It really does mean an incredible amount to the person on the other end of it.


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