Having a bad day? | Chris Hutchings

028 | Having a bad day? 🤬

We all have them.

And with everything happening in the world at the moment, maybe you’re having more than usual.

Trying to grow a business at the best of times can all get a bit much.

I’m prone to letting a frustrating hour, bad day or slow week have too much headspace, and forgetting the bigger picture.

We all know progress isn’t linear, there’s going to be plenty of ups and downs.

The key thing I try to remember when I see the red mist on the horizon is perspective.

Over the short timeframe, things might be a challenge.

Bitcoin chart down | Chris Hutchings

But longer term, we are moving in the right direction, as these bitcoin charts so effectively show.

Bitcoin chart up | Chris Hutchings

Life is an emotional roller coaster, keep things in perspective and it’ll all work out.

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