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029 | It’s not always cheaper to do it yourself 🤑

I get taught this lesson on a pretty regular basis.

One day maybe I’ll learn.

My latest misadventure was around tax, pensions and PAYE which I mentioned briefly here and led to the idea for this post.

Other examples include, but are definitely not limited to, website building, legal issues, data analysis, paid social media marketing, copywriting, DIY and I’m sure you have plenty of your own too!

I enjoy working things out for myself but I have to decide what is more cost-effective at times.

Is it worth it when a specialist could probably do it in a fraction of the time?

It’s tough when you are starting and running a business, budgets are tight and you monitor expenses carefully.

Weirdly, we value time differently.

But is it a false economy to do something yourself that will take longer and often result in getting an expert to resolve it afterwards?

Next time you are planning out your to-do list, have a look at what you think should, or could be outsourced.

It might be a stretch but when you compare it to your desired hourly rate or your skill level, does it make sense?

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