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018 | Just Ship It! 🚢

Do you have an idea?

It could be a new business. It could be a new product. That project you want to propose to your boss. It could be that book you want to write. Perhaps the personal brand you want to build. Is it the side-hustle brewing away in your mind and affecting your sleep?

What’s holding you back?

Fear? Embarrassment? Impostor Syndrome? Timing? Resources? Not quite ready? Cosy in your comfort zone?

Once I had decided eOpinion was going to be more than just a side hustle, it took me nearly two years to pull the trigger, launch it properly, and put it out there for the world to see.

All of the answers above contributed to the delay at one time or another.

I wish I had started building the brand sooner. I can’t help but think where it would be now if I had.

Deep down I felt I needed to have more extensive knowledge, a bigger network, a bigger panel and the on-site content just a little more polished.

I’ve consumed and loved all the business related books/articles I’ve read and podcasts I’ve listened to. My theoretical knowledge has increased a huge amount but in reality it’s been a glorified form of procrastination.

I’ve learned far more going all in on eOpinion in a far shorter time.

The truth is, the quicker you execute your idea, the sooner you get feedback. If it’s good you can evolve it. If not, bin it and move on to the next one.

Done is better than perfect! Don’t get hung up on trying to obtain something you just can’t achieve.

Go create and just ship it!

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