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007 | Keeping your head above water in an ocean of content 🌊

I have a ferocious appetite for content. My screens used to draw gasps in the office with the amount of tabs I had open.

Each tab contained content I wanted to read or watch later. I opened them for a reason but I never gave them the time they deserved.

The amount of content we have access to is incredible. You can learn about anything within a few clicks. The quality is good too, with top experts in their field sharing their knowledge via YouTube videos, podcasts or articles.

All this amazing content leads to growth, both personally and professionally.

But with this huge amount available, how do you keep track and not drown? (And yes, I know this is yet another piece of content but I’m hoping it adds value.)

Reading it, deciding if it’s any good and storing it somewhere so you can come back to it in the future without having to invoke your inner Sherlocks Holmes mind palace.

For me it became such an issue that I had to develop a process:

  • If I see something that I have any inkling I’d be interested in, I stick it in an app called Pocket ( This could be personal, e.g. parenting/exercise tips, travel guides, recipes or professional, e.g. tips on improving CTR’s, growth hacking guides, VAT.
  • I’ve blocked out 30 mins in my calendar everyday to consume content. This is relatively new for me but otherwise I would never read things. I do my best not to double book this time.
  • Sharing content is good. Most content I consume will resonate with someone I know.
  • If I want to keep it once I have finished, I file it in Notion (

So I’m still a content hoarder but I’m becoming an organised hoarder and that is different!

Feel free to fire over any tips on improving my process.

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