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012 | Nail down that elevator pitch! πŸ›—

Picture the scene, I’m logged on to Zoom to pitch the services of eOpinion to a Marketing Director who I know is interested in the broad concept of what I am launching.

Introductions and joking about Zoom fatigue out the way he says, “Chris, tell me what eOpinion does.”

Keeping in mind this has been a part of my life for 5 years in one form or another, you’d think I would smash this, but no. He might as well have asked me to talk about the history of applied mathematics.

So there I was waffling away, cringing on the inside at what was coming out of my mouth, but just totally unable to stop talking.

Thirty painful minutes later we said our good-byes and I stared at the empty zoom window for quite some time, totally gobsmacked.

The following day I consumed all I could on crafting an elevator pitch. I would not make that mistake again.

I knew it had to be short and succinct. I wanted my friends and family to say something other than “I don’t know, something to do with surveys I think.” Who knows who they might end up telling!

I worked through many drafts and then when I was settled on something I tried to put it on AngelList in my bio but was over the 100 character limit.

Get the scissors out again.

Working to a limit is a good way to refine what you want to say.

The below is the result, I do tinker with it slightly sometimes depending who I am talking to. It may change in the future but for the time being I’m happy with it.

eOpinion: Using 30sec Speedy Polls to create engagement, stories and actionable insights across marketing, CX, HR, product and brand.

edit: The more I read this, the more I think I could lop the end off and get rid of the business disciplines. πŸ€”

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