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019 | Stay Hydrated! 🚰

Today’s post is about identifying an issue and finding a simple and effective solution. It is masquerading as a post about hydration.

I’m not very good at drinking enough water every day. I find it surprisingly challenging and a quick Speedy Poll on whatsapp suggests I’m not the only one who struggles to stay hydrated.

I know when I’ve not drunk enough water. I see an impact across sleep, mental performance and an uptick in headaches.

I think we probably all agree that drinking enough water is a positive step. This post is not about the benefits of drinking water. It’s well documented already and I’m obviously not a scientist.

This post is about how I brought in a process to help me combat the problem.

I’m not one for overcomplicating things, I like efficiency.

First thing in the morning I fill my water bottle. I take a big glug and set the timer on my watch for 15 mins.

When that buzzer goes off I take another big glug and repeat.

You’ll be amazed how much water you consume having a big swig every 15 minutes.

And that folks is it.

A simple 15 minute timer that we all have access to, means I’m completely hydrated. If I miss one or two throughout the day for whatever reason, no big deal.

That’s one problem solved. Now I need to just remember to execute it every day.

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