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027 | Thankful for Tech πŸ€–

I write a very short daily journal.

Every day, at around 8pm, I note down a one-line overview of the highlights of my day and also something that I am thankful for.

Last night without really thinking about it, I wrote that I was thankful for the technology which allows me to chat with people.

I for one know that I take it completely for granted.

Yesterday I had a really interesting chat with a founder of a charity that wouldn’t have been possible if not for video chat.

I also know that, for all the criticism tech companies often get, the fact I can FaceTime my grandparents on the other side of the country at a click of a button, particularly when we are in lockdown, is a minor miracle.

Although it doesn’t trump physical contact, my daughters can speak to their grandparents and cousins easily. Whilst everything has been shut, this has been a small blessing.

I’m showing my age a bit now but video chats were once only thought of in science fiction films. I think it’s great that it is now standard and available to almost everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, Zoom fatigue is a real thing but, managed right, video chat is positive for society, both personally and professionally.

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