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Show Notes | Illiya Vjestica - 10q Interview

In today’s episode of 10q Interview I talk to the very talented presentation designer, Illiya Vjestica.

We covered a lot of ground in this episode and it was a very enjoyable chat.

Illiya shared his thoughts on presenting, the importance of storytelling on engagement, meditation and taking action.

He also shared some valuable paternal wisdom, about his love of Yorkshire and photography as well as stories about his past and the impact it’s had on his life.

I never thought I would enjoy a podcast talking about presentation design but Illiya proved me very wrong.

There’s a lot of takeaways in this episode so feel free to share it with someone you think would benefit from hearing it.

It was fantastic chatting to Illiya and I know you are going to enjoy listening to what he has to say.

Go give him a follow (LinkedIn – Website), say hi and let him know what you thought of the episode.

Enjoy! 😀

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