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Jamie Dixon – Author

In today’s episode of 10q Interview I talk to writer and founder of The Story Habit, Jamie Dixon

Jamie once wrote a book in under 24 hours and this, as well as his other two books was why I wanted to chat to him.

We spoke about all things book writing, as well as a fair few other things, including:

  • moving to, moving back and living in China
  • perfectionism
  • the first book being the most challenging
  • short books bring better than long books
  • intellectual masturbation
  • building an ecosystem
  • the truth about LinkedIn
  • carefully crafted accidents
  • the power of patience and doing a good job
  • Will Storr

There’s a lot to take away from this one.

Go give Jamie a follow (Linkedin), say hi and let him know what you thought of the episode.

Enjoy! 😀

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Jimbo Clark

The Science of Storytelling

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