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Show Notes | Joeri Schilders - The Magic Sauce - 10q Interview

In today’s episode of 10q Interview I talk to one of my favourite YouTubers, the man with the Magic Sauce, Joeri Schilders.

Joeri, who was making his second appearance on 10q Interview (previous episode link) spoke in detail about his journey to building a successful YouTube channel.

A very engaging guest, we covered a whole range of topics about content creation, including:

  • a big origin story
  • hobby > taking it seriously
  • how creators can get over the initial hurdle and start quicker
  • how realistically, no-one cares about your content
  • the main things stopping people putting out content, and how to get past it
  • tinkering
  • coming up with ideas
  • trolls
  • is it too hard
  • is YouTube too saturated
  • retention, retention, retention

and so much more.

If you are in to Youtube creation, you are going to love this one and I’ve no doubt you’ll take a lot away from it.

Go give Joeri a subscribe (The Magic Sauce), I want a hoodie!

Enjoy! 😀

Links from the episode:

Lego Video – a great watch!

Roberto Blake

Film Booth

Mr. Beast’s Manager

Mr Beast Studio Tour

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