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Show Notes | Matt Mecham - 10q Interview

In today’s episode of 10q Interview I had a very enjoyable chat with Invision Community founder, Matt Mecham.

Now I have to warn you, we get in to some big (strange?) topics throughout this episode, stick with it and I think you’ll find it worth it. 😀

We covered a lot of ground and as well as big topics, they were wide ranging.

Topics including:

  • meeting nefarious characters
  • communities & forums
  • binary online personalities and audience building
  • the power of consistency, deadlines, exercise and gamification (Duolingo)
  • running
  • BBC computers (I’ll save most of you the Google search – here you go)
  • being middle aged

I absolutely loved this one, it was a great chat and I’ve no doubt (most of the time) you’ll love it too.

There’s so many takeaways in this episode so feel free to share it with someone you think would benefit from hearing it.

Go give Matt a follow (Twitter), say hi and let him know what you thought of the episode.

If you ask him nicely, he might share his TikTok with you, it’s really good!

Enjoy! 😀

Links from the episode:

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Seth James DeMoor

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