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Update - 10q Interview

Today’s episode of 10q Interview is a little different, it’s an update on the future of the podcast.

It’s a pretty short listen (less than 3 mins!) compared to usual but the TLDL is this; 10q will focus solely on ‘content creators’ moving forward.

I’ll be talking to creators about their journey, about lessons learned, tricks of the trade and advice they have for those wanting to create themselves.

From the episodes already recorded, I know it’ll be inspiring, educational and pretty entertaining and I’m sure that trend will continue.

There are already some great guests lined up but if you are a content creator and want to come on, get in touch.

If there is a content creator you would love to hear from, get them to get in touch.

Go give it a listen and a subscribe on YouTube (Watch Here).

As well as the usual audio, we will be putting out a lot of video content going forward.

Enjoy! 😀

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